Whilst storms Desmond, Eva & Frank battered Britain we continued to take to road, track and trail running, cycling and trekking through some of the worst weather and heaviest rainfall on record -and not without consequences.   A combination of moisture and friction inevitably means chafed skin. A condition that as many of you know, is at best uncomfortable, at worst debilitating it often strikes without warning affecting inner thighs, underarms, buttock crack, bra areas and feet.

At Grizzly we know a thing or two about chafing and would like to share our wet weather tips…

  1. Prevention is better that cure; Grizzly formula is a long lasting lubricating cream that if applied in advance of exercise forms a barrier helping to keep chafing at bay. In addition it has an antiseptic component that means it can be used to soothe and treat inflamed areas.
  2. Think carefully about what you are wearing. Avoid cotton and instead choose polypropylene/cool max fabrics that are breathable and dry quickly. And opt for garments with as few seams as possible. For the truly courageous and it’s not too draughty go without underwear!
  3. Stay Dry – Invest in a light weight, breathable jacket that rolls up small when not required. A good quality outer layer will last a life time and keep wind and rain away. If all else fails, there’s no need for heroics, find shelter from the storm.
  4. Splash out on some Grizzly! We’re offering £ 1.00 discount on all Grizzly purchased via WWW.GRIZZLYACTIVE.CO.UK using code STORM16 and made before February 27th 2016.