‘If you can’t stand the heat then try Grizzly Active  Anti chafing cream ,’ agree the many new Grizzly  users from within the Catering community; all desperately seeking  a solution on how to treat chafing and  the curse of the dreaded ‘Chef’s Arse’.   It’s a nasty affliction caused by sweat running down the back, forming on the ‘bum’ cheeks causing chafing and extreme soreness in the buttock crack area.  It often strikes without warning, it’s more common in the hot summer months and does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, age or body shape.  Simply, put sweat, heat and friction together in the wrong places and you’re in trouble.

Over the years Chefs have cooked up their own remedies on how to treat chafing and it’s claimed that an application of corn flour or custard powder, even olive oil can all help. But a simpler, effective solution is now available as suffering Chefs find relief with Grizzly Anti chafing cream sachets, a user friendly alternative with the benefit of an antiseptic ingredient to help with healing.

Prevention is better than cure and we’re told a single application of Grizzly before a long, hot sweaty shift keeps ‘Chef’s Arse’ at bay.

Avoid the curse of ‘Chef’s Arse’

  • Wear well-fitting cotton underwear.
  • Put Epsom salt or similar in your bath and avoid perfumed soaps and shower products.
  • Don’t’ shave problem areas it doesn’t help and can lead to follictus (blocked pores leading to infection). It’s believed that talcum powder can also block pores and create problems.
  • Do use Grizzly anti chafing cream or similar product to protect problem areas.