I’m a user, a regular user of GrizzlyActive anti-chafing cream, usually to prevent chafing before a big bike ride or run but more recently I found a new use that I would like to share with you.

asics_run_shoes_400webIt all started with a displaced loyalty to a pair of 2013 ‘Asics’.  I run 15 -20 miles a week. Now any seasoned athlete will have done the quick maths and tell you that pounding the pavements with more than 3,000 miles on the running shoe clock is not wise – as 450 – 550 miles is the lifetime of a shoe I had seriously over run the limit.    But then I’m a reluctant runner, reluctant to take good advice from the experts, from friends of family, I prefer to do it my own way and suffer the consequences.  And I develop a relationship with my running shoes, not in a ‘fetishy’ sort of way, it’s more  of a partnership that’s based on mutual respect and goodwill.  We have adventures together, country and coast, sun and snow, wind and rain.  We share blood sweat and tears; the good running times and the bad.  Three years is a long time to share your life with a pair of shoes and it seems simply wrong, very wrong, to trade them in for a younger more attractive model.

reluctant-runner-manchester-run_web_800Well that was my thinking until our relationship turned sour.  My’ lucky shoes’ with their paper thin soles betrayed me:  a simple slip, twist and sprain became four weeks of inactivity and instantly, the love affair was over.   Memories of the good times faded fast and I now have new shoes in my life, a pair of handsome blue ‘Asics gel nimbus’ shoes  and it’s like running in slippers.  Well it was, until I chose to ignore the basic ‘breaking in of a new shoe’ rule (i.e.…)and on our second run out together and with just a week until  the Great Manchester Run I ran a practise 10k.  The steep terrain, wet weather and Primark socks resulted in blistered feet and a bruised ego.

In desperation and honestly not holding out much hope, I reached for the Grizzly…yes it may have  been  developed to prevent chafing and soothe damaged skin but incredibly it worked wonders on my blisters and a lavish pre-race application stopped any further damage. So thank you Grizzly, despite torrential rain and accidentally ending up in the partying ‘Pink Wave’, I completed the course in an OK 55.29 mins