“Horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies merely glow” said somebody famous once … and  less reported, they also suffer from chafing as frequently, and as aggressively as men.   The condition of ‘lady chafe’ was brought to our attention by a customer, bulk buying our anti-chafing cream in bulk and distributing it to her girlfriends who were all in need of ‘the Grizzly fix’.

We’re told that badly fitting bras, garment seams, lady shaving (especially bikini line) all contribute to the problem.  And then add heat, sweat and friction to the mix and boy, I mean girl, you’re in trouble.

Grizzly Active anti-chafing cream doesn’t discriminate and offers relief to both the boys and the girls. A single application offers protection from chafing and can help to soothe and heal affected areas.

But don’t just take it from us a few useful tips from the girlfriends of Grizzly.

  • Use Grizzly before sports or after lady shaving – even if there’s no symptoms we’re told the antiseptic ingredient in Grizzly helps prevent razor burn and the nasty spots caused by ingrowing hair.
  • Don’t cut corners with your sportswear . Buy breathable fabrics and gear with as few seams  as possible.
  • Check the inside of your garments and check that they are well finished.
  • A good, well-fitting sports bras is a girl’s best friend.
  • Try to keep dry in wet weather – invest in a portable weatherproof sports jacket.
  • Cyclists – leave the underwear at home.
  • And of course carry a sachet of Grizzly Active anti-chafing cream with you at all times.

Anything that you would like to add?  Share your  ‘Chafing tips’ with us – free Grizzly for all who respond.