What is it good for?

Grizzlyactive_sportscream_V2Grizzly Active has been developed to help soothe extreme forms of contact dermatitis (chafing), and condition exacerbated by sweat, heat and friction. It develops in three stages: skin abrasion, folliculitis (a small pimply rash) then sores and if untreated abscesses. And as those who suffer will know, at best it’s uncomfortable, at worst, debilitating and excruciatingly painful.

It’s also known as…Chef’s Arse (look it up in the urban dictionary) Dreaded Golfers Arse, Saddle sores … name but a few conditions.

This most commonly affects the bottom area, our bodies have 2 million sweat glands to keep us cool but when sweat gets trapped in crevices such as the one between your buttocks – you’ll need Grizzly!

Grizzly to Go…

Our early research told us that hygiene and convenience counts. So we’ve packed Grizzly into handy individual sachets. It’s small enough to carry in your pocket and there’s no more double dipping or big tubes or tubs to carry around with you. There are 10 sachets to a bag and it costs £6.99 for a bag including delivery – a small price to pay for instant relief.

Where is it on sale?

At present you can buy Grizzly online from this site, Amazon & EBay. We also have a network of independent specialist retailers in the North of England stocking Grizzly. Contact us if you would like details of your nearest stockist.


“The cream was extremely effective on treating wind burn. I can certainly see how this would benefit other fitness types such as runners and cyclists as a quick fix solution for sensitive skin. It’s just a shame that I didn’t have any of this whilst serving with the Army as it would have been great for me when my body armour chafed. I’ve also given a few sachets to some buddies who also thought it was fantastic. I now carry a few packets in my first aid kit, and one in my EDL…once tried it will be hard to switch to any other product.”
Search & Rescue/Climbing Instructor.
“I love you Grizzly Active – real issues with chafing before this wonder cream. Not had a problem since. I have recommended it to all my friends”
Jane, Manchester - Cyclist
“I came across this product after struggling to find any other chafing creams that seemed to help. I love that these come in individual sachets so I can always keep a few in my gym bag. Great value for money.”
Happy Grizzly customer
“I wanted to try this and was so sceptical…but wow I was not disappointed. Wore this with no reapplication for over 20 hours at a carnival in Trinidad. Sweat, heat paint and lots of dancing and jumping. I highly recommend this product.”
Happy Grizzly customer
“I bought this for my husband who had just taken up cycling. He’d tried chamois creams but needed something that did more than just lubricate. He’s pleased with the product and says he will definitely buy again.”
Happy Grizzly customer