The journey so far

We’ve come a long way – a few years ago we discovered a winning formula for chafing and other sports related skin conditions. We started by packing Grizzly by hand into old film canisters and distributing it, free of charge, to friends and family. Such was the demand that we decided to go public and share our secret with suffering sportsmen and women throughout the UK.

Who are we?

We are an independent business based in North Yorkshire that’s managed by founders Lucy and Sally. Working with a local chemist we manage all of our research and product development in-house and then partner an accredited manufacturer who produces Grizzly in their state of the art facility, ensuring that our exacting standards are met at every stage of production. Grizzly Active cream and all packaging is produced in UK and we would like to keep it that way.

We’re Listening…

Grizzly would not have happened without the expert help and good advice received along the way (for which we are most grateful) from amongst others: our friends in the military who in the early days trailed Grizzly for us and gave us ‘a big thumbs up’, our local GP, resident chemist, our wonderful Designer Paul Sheldon and Digital Advisor Richard Lee.

Our best endorsements come from our customers who try it, like it and keep coming back for more.

Military endorsement

“Found the cream very helpful and it worked well when I needed it”
Army climbing Instructor, Military
“Good piece of kit would work well in a tub”
Special Forces Patrol commander, Military
“Would use it on a grand scale if issued in hospital”
Army Medic, Military