Grizzly Active is an anti-chafing cream packed into individual sachets that protects soothes and aids the healing of chafed areas of the body. Rugby players swear by it for their chapped thighs, runners rate it for nipple burn and cyclists say that it soothes their saddle sores! It’s also worth noting that that our customers also tell us that the antiseptic properties make it good for minor cuts and grazes.


Grizzly Active sports cream 

For rawhides and all other sensitive areas. Anti-chafing formula.
Protects and soothes can be used anywhere, everyday.

GrizzlyActive Cream. EAN. 5060352760002
Item Shape. Rectangle bag containing 10 individual sachets measuring 8×6 cm each.
Item weight. 41 grams.
Item Price. £6.99 incl p+p.


  • Active sports cream for rawhides and all other sensitive areas. Anti-chafing formula. Protects & soothes against chafing can be used anywhere everyday.
  • Grizzly cream provides a nonstaining, non greasy, long lasting protective barrier. 10, portable, individual, hygienic sachets.
  • Grizzly soothes and aids healing of problem chafing areas, fantastic for sports men and women , chefs , construction workers and anyone working in hot humid conditions.
  • A perfect anti-chafe cream to use pre or post ride or before or after any other activity.
  • No waste –  individual, longlife, easy to use sachets. Made in the UK.


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